About BIFA

Created in 1998 by Raindance founder Elliot Grove, The British Independent Film Awards set out to celebrate merit and achievement in independently funded British filmmaking, to honour new talent, and to promote British filmmaking and British talent to a wider public. 

Each year, the Pre-Selection Committee of 70 members, made up of the Advisory Committee and Screening Group, views an average of 200 films. These include British Features, Documentaries and Shorts and a category for International Independent Film. Members vote at each stage by secret ballot; firstly to draw up a long-list, then again to determine the nominations. Once the ballots have been counted and validated, the nominees are informed and the nominations are announced at a press launch.

All nominated films are then viewed by an independent jury that are newly appointed each year, and not involved in the nominations process. This jury, comprised of leading professionals and talent from the British film industry, meet to discuss all the nominated films and the winners are decided by secret ballot. Once these ballots have been counted and validated, the winners are announced at The Moët British Independent Film Awards.

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