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A postman lets us into his dark world in quiet suburbia.

8 Minutes Idle

‘8 Minutes Idle’ is a contemporary romantic comedy based on Matt Thorne’s award-winning novel of life in a Bristol Call Centre, set in an era of economic uncertainty.&nbsp;<br>After a decade of disposable culture, even the smallest ambitions are no longer certain. Dan wrongly assumes that no one will have any expe... (continued)

A Fantastic Fear of Everything

Jack (Simon Pegg) is a children’s author turned crime novelist whose detailed research into the lives of Victorian serial killers has turned him into a paranoid wreck, persecuted by an irrational fear of being murdered. When Jack is thrown a life-line by his long-suffering agent, and a mysterious Hollywood executi... (continued)

All Consuming Love (Man In A Cat)

A tiny man who lives inside a cat becomes obsessed with the cat’s new owner. When the man finds out a woman his own size has been watching everything from afar he realises he doesn’t need to be alone anymore.

All In Good Time

ALL IN GOOD TIME is a hugely warm-hearted comic tale adapted for the big screen from the Olivier award winning play Rafta Rafta by Ayub Khan Din (East is East.) Centred around a close knit, larger-than-life British Asian family living in present day Bolton, ALL IN GOOD TIME stars REECE RITCHIE (The Lovely Bones)... (continued)


Georges and Anne are in their eighties. they are cultivated, retired music teachers. Their daughter, who is also a musician, lives abroad with her family. One day, Anne has an attack. The couple's bond of love is severely tested.

A Royal Affair

The most dramatic love story in Danish history is the affair between King Christian. VII's physician, Johan Struensee, and the English born queen of Denmark, Caroline Mathilda in the early 1770's. During the past 40 years, several screen adaptations of this emotional chapter in Danish history have been on the draw... (continued)


Frank Barron (Ray Winstone) wakes to find himself locked in a hospital secure unit, confused by memory loss, and plagued by visions of a woman (Lesley Manville). He is tracked down and visited by his estranged son James (Jim Sturgess), anxious to take his father back home to be with his family. The doctor explains... (continued)

A Simple Life

Based on real people and events, CHUNG Chun Tao, or Ah Tao, was born in Taishan, China. Her foster-father died during the Japanese Occupation and her foster-mother sent her to work as a servant for the Leung family. She has been in service there for 4 generations lasting 60 years. During this time, some members... (continued)

Asylum Seekers

ASYLUM SEEKERS is a short film and exploration of the cyclical and often devastating nature of psychological disorders with a darkly comedic slant. We follow two women, Lucretia and Crystal as they emerge back into the humdrum of reality after an extended stint in a Psychiatric Unit. Forced to engage with the r... (continued)


When Steve's new GPS suddenly asks for help, he follows her instructions from sunny suburbia into the depths of an abandoned warehouse to a mysterious door.

Back of Beyond

Petesy feels trapped in his dead end job in the asshole of nowhere until smart-talking Gabriel arrives and offers him a way out - except this involves Gabriel's (idiot?) brother Samuel who's only ever been good at one thing.

Banaz A Love Story

The story of Banaz Mahmod,&nbsp;a young British Kurdish woman living in London who was brutally murdered by her own family in an honour killing&nbsp;with the agreement and help of a large section of the Kurdish community, because she tried to flee her abusive husband.&nbsp;It was a case which shocked the entire wo... (continued)


Summer, 1980. Barbara, a doctor, has applied for an exit visa from the GDR (East Germany). Now, as punishment, she has been transferred from Berlin to a small hospital out in the country, far from everything. Jörg, her lover from the West, is already planning her escape. Barbara waits, keeping to herself. The n... (continued)

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Waters gonna rise up, wild animals gonna re-run from the grave, and everything south of the levee is goin’ under, in this tale of a six year-old named Hushpuppy, who lives with her daddy at the edge of the world.


Francois lives a skillfully controlled, well managed life, in Bloemfontein, South Africa. A devoted husband and father, his repressed desires find release through mutually arranged group encounters with other married men. However, when he meets Christian, the engaging handsome son of a long-lost friend, his obsess... (continued)

Before Dawn

An estranged couple's vacation to save their troubled relationship goes awry when they find themselves under attack from the walking dead.

Berberian Sound Studio

A sonic descent into the darker recesses of cinema as a naïve sound engineer from Dorking, UK loses his grip on reality as he takes a job on an Italian horror film in the ‘70s. As actresses overdub one ear-shredding scream after another, and as knives and machetes repeatedly hack away at innocent vegetables durin... (continued)

Best Laid Plans

Some friendships are worth fighting for.&nbsp;<br>David Blair directs this powerful British Drama, loosely inspired by John Steinbeck's novel 'Of Mice and Men'. Set in Nottingham, the film revolves around the relationship between the thuggish Danny (Stephen Graham) and Joseph (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), a giant of... (continued)

Beyond the Hills

Big Society

An officer in the British Army questions what it means to fight for his country. Having had enough of anti-social behaviour in his home town, he decides to take matters into his own hands for the good of the community. Because violence works - as long as you don't abuse it.

Bill Cunningham New York

“We all get dressed for Bill,” says Vogue editrix Anna Wintour. The “Bill” in question is 80+ New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham. For decades, this Schwinn-riding cultural anthropologist has been obsessively and inventively chronicling fashion trends and high society charity soirées for the Times Style se... (continued)

Black Smoke Rising

Struggling to find anything positive to say at his domineering brother’s eulogy, Jonah, an embittered, cynical and grief stricken guitar player, reflects on the task set in the will of his newly deceased sibling: to travel across the country to find the perfect spot to scatter his ashes. What his brother didn’t te... (continued)


BLOOD, a psychological thriller about two brothers who collapse under the weight of their father’s shadow. A contemporary Greek tragedy set around the investigation into the murder of a young girl. Written by Bill Gallagher (Conviction, The Fuse). Starring Paul Bettany (Legion, The Da Vinci Code), Mark Strong (Ki... (continued)

Bombay Beach

The rusting relic of a failed 1950s development scheme, the Salton Sea is a barren California landscape often seen as a symbol of the failed American Dream. First-time director Alma Har'el visits this poetically fruitful terrain and finds there a motley cast, including a bipolar seven-year-old, a lovelorn high sch... (continued)

Borrowed Time

Borrowed Time tells the story of the unlikely friendship between a hapless young burglar and his eccentric victim. Desperate for cash to pay back local tyrant “Ninja” Nigel, Kevin breaks into Philip’s house, only to be held hostage by the old man at gunpoint. What follows is a bittersweet comedy about growing up ... (continued)

Boy in the Tree

The Boy in the Tree is a short film about people’s desires and how people strive to achieve those desires under adverse circumstances. ‘Raise yourself to such heights of greatness, that before he decides your fate, God, himself will ask you, “What is your wish?”, from Khudi (The Self) by Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

Breathing (Atmen)

Roman Kogler (Thomas Schubert) is 19 years old and has lived all his life in institutions. Abandoned by his mother as a young child and raised in an orphanage, he is now serving time in a juvenile detention centre having accidentally killed a boy of his own age in a brawl. A solitary boy with an uncommunicative ... (continued)


Published in April 2009, Daniel Clay's novel 'Broken' offered a prescient vision of the Britain that ignited for a brief but unforgettable instant in the late summer of 2011, when the country's moral compass went momentarily berserk and pockets of rioting erupted throughout the UK. Narrated by Skunk, a little girl... (continued)

Cafe De Flore

Cafe de Flore is a love story about people separated by time and place but connected in profound and mysterious ways. Atmospheric, fantastical, tragic and hopeful, the film chronicles the parallel fates of Jacqueline (Vanessa Paradis), a fiercely devoted single mother with her young son in 1960s Paris, and Antoine... (continued)
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