The Host 2012



On our 15th anniversary, it seems fitting for James Nesbitt to return to the role to which he always brings such characteristic wit and flair. A long time supporter of the British Independent Film Awards and a previous winner (Best Actor for Bloody Sunday, 2002), he is iconic not just at BIFA but also within the British indie film scene.

Notable for his charm and unmistakable Northern Irish accent, he got his breakthrough television role playing Adam Williams in smash hit comedy-drama Cold Feet (1997-2003), for which he picked up several accolades including a National Television Award and a British Comedy Award. Since then, we have enjoyed watching him in a wide variety of TV incarnations, especially Midnight Man (2008), Murphy’s Law (2003-2007) and Jekyll(2007). His latest series, British medical drama Monroe, sees him play a brilliant and unusual neurosurgeon, Dr Gabriel Monroe – a flawed genius who never lets anyone forget those flaws.

Alongside his TV work, Nesbitt has also had a colourful career on the big screen, starring in a range of critically acclaimed films and working with respected directors such as Ralph Fiennes (Corialanus, 2011), Emilio Estevez (The Way, 2010), Oliver Hirschbiegel (Five Minutes of Heaven, 2009), Woody Allen (Matchpoint, 2005), Danny Boyle (Millions, 2004), Paul Greengrass (Bloody Sunday, 2002), Kirk Jones (Waking Ned, 1998) and Michael Winterbottom (Welcome To Sarajevo, 1997 / Jude, 1996 / Go Now, 1995), to name but a handful. Most recently, he has been cast as Bofur in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy (2012 - 2014) and admits; “I never thought I’d be playing a dwarf at the age of 45’.  

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