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2012 The story so far

Monday 10 December 2012

Best British Independent Film
2011 Tyrannosaur
2010 The King's Speech
2009 Moon
2008 Slumdog Millionaire
2007 Control
2006 This Is England
2005 The Constant Gardener
2004 Vera Drake
2003 Dirty Pretty Things
2002 Sweet Sixteen
2001 Sexy Beast
2000 Billy Elliot
1999 Wonderland
1998 My Name Is Joe

Best Director
2011 Lynne Ramsay [We Need to Talk About Kevin]
2010 Gareth Edwards [Monsters]
2009 Andrea Arnold [Fish Tank]
2008 Danny Boyle [Slumdog Millionaire] 
2007 Anton Corbijn [Control] 
2006 Kevin Macdonald [The Last King of Scotland] 
2005 Neil Marshall [The Descent] 
2004 Mike Leigh [Vera Drake] 
2003 Stephen Frears [Dirty Pretty Things] 
2002 Paul Greengrass [Bloody Sunday] 
2001 Jonathan Glazer [Sexy Beast] 
2000 Stephen Daldry [Billy Elliot] 
1999 Anand Tucker [Hilary and Jackie] 
1998 Ken Loach [My Name Is Joe]

The Douglas Hickox Award
2011 Paddy Considine [Tyrannosaur]
2010 Clio Barnard [The Arbor]
2009 Duncan Jones [Moon]
2008 Steve McQueen [Hunger] 
2007 Anton Corbijn [Control] 
2006 Menhaj Huda [Kidulthood] 
2005 Annie Griffin [Festival]
2004 John Crowley [Intermission] 
2003 Richard Jobson [Sixteen Years of Alcohol] 
2002 Lindy Heymann & Christian Taylor [Showboy] 
2001 Asif Kapadia [The Warrior] 
2000 Kevin Macdonald [One Day in September] 
1999 Lynne Ramsay [Ratcatcher] 
1998 Shane Meadows [24:7]

Best Screenplay
2011 Richard Ayoade [Submarine]
2010 David Seidler [The King’s Speech]
2009 Jesse Armstrong, Armando Iannucci, Tony Roche & Simon Blackwell [In The Loop]
2008 Martin McDonagh [In Bruges] 
2007 Patrick Marber [Notes on a Scandal] 
2006 Peter Morgan [The Queen] 
2005 Frank Cottrell Boyce [Millions] 
2004 Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright [Shaun of the Dead]
2003 Steve Knight [Dirty Pretty Things] 
2002 Tom Hunsinger & Neil Hunter [The Lawless Heart] 
2001 Louis Mellis & David Scinto [Sexy Beast] 
2000 Lee Hall [Billy Elliot] 
1999 Ayub Khan Din [East Is East] 
1998 Paul Laverty [My Name Is Joe]

Best Actress
2011 Olivia Colman [Tyrannosaur]
2010 Carey Mulligan [Never Let Me Go]
2009 Carey Mulligan [An Education]
2008 Vera Farmiga [Boy in the Striped Pyjamas] 
2007 Judi Dench [Notes on a Scandal] 
2006 Kate Dickie [Red Road] 
2005 Rachel Weisz [The Constant Gardener]
2004 Imelda Staunton [Vera Drake] 
2003 Olivia Williams [The Heart of Me] 
2002 Samantha Morton [Morvern Callar] 
2001 Kate Ashfield [Late Night Shopping] 
2000 Gillian Anderson [House of Mirth] 
1999 Emily Watson [Hilary and Jackie] 
1998 Kathy Burke [Nil by Mouth]

Best Supporting Actress
2011 Vanessa Redgrave [Coriolanus]
2010 Helena Bonham Carter [The King’s Speech]
2009 Anne-Marie Duff [Nowhere Boy]
2008 Alexis Zegerman [Happy-Go-Lucky]

Most Promising Newcomer
2011 Tom Cullen [Weekend]
2010 Joanne Froggatt [In Our Name]
2009 Katie Jarvis [Fish Tank]
2008 Dev Patel [Slumdog Millionaire] 
2007 Sam Riley [Control] 
2006 Thomas Turgoose [This Is England] 
2005 Emily Barclay [In My Father’s Den] 
2004 Ashley Walters [Bullet Boy] 
2003 Harry Eden [Pure] 
2002 Martin Compston [Sweet Sixteen] 
2001 Ben Whishaw [My Brother Tom] 
2000 Jamie Bell [Billy Elliot] 
1999 Lara Belmont [The War Zone] 
1998 Laila Morse [Nil by Mouth]

Best Actor
2011 Michael Fassbender [Shame]
2010 Colin Firth [The King’s Speech]
2009 Tom Hardy [Bronson]
2008 Michael Fassbender [Hunger] 
2007 Viggo Mortensen [Eastern Promises] 
2006 Tony Curran [Red Road]
2005 Ralph Fiennes [The Constant Gardener] 
2004 Phil Davis [Vera Drake] 
2003 Chiwetel Ejiofor [Dirty Pretty Things] 
2002 James Nesbitt [Bloody Sunday] 
2001 Ben Kingsley [Sexy Beast] 
2000 Daniel Craig [Some Voices] 
1999 Ian McKellen [Gods and Monsters] 
1998 Ray Winstone [Nil by Mouth]
Best Supporting Actor
2011 Michael Smiley [Kill List]
2010 Geoffrey Rush [The King’s Speech
2009 John Henshaw [Looking For Eric]
2008 Eddie Marsan [Happy-Go-Lucky]

Best Supporting Actor/Actress
2007 Toby Kebbell [Control] 
2006 Leslie Phillips [Venus] 
2005 Rosamund Pike [The Libertine] 
2004 Eddie Marsan [Vera Drake] 
2003 Susan Lynch [Sixteen Years of Alcohol]

Best Achievement in Production
2011 Weekend
2010 Monsters
2009 Bunny And The Bull
2008 The Escapist 
2007 Black Gold 
2006 London to Brighton 
2005 Gypo 
2004 Vera Drake 
2003 In This World 
2002 24 Hour Party People 
2001 Gas Attack 
2000 One Life Stand 
1999 Human Traffic 
1998 Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Producer of the Year
2001 Jeremy Thomas 
2000 Andrew Eaton 
1999 Simon Channing-Williams 
1998 Philippa Braithwaite

Best Foreign Independent Film
2011 A Separation
2010 A Prophet
2009 Let The Right One In
2008 Waltz with Bashir 
2007 The Lives of Others [Das Leben der Anderen] 
2006 Hidden [Caché] 
2005 Downfall [Der Untergang] 
2004 Oldboy 
2003 City of God [Cidade de Deus] 
2002 Monsoon Wedding & Lantana 
2001 In the Mood for Love & Memento 
2000 Kadosh & The Straight Story 
1999 All About My Mother & Happiness 
1998 L’Appartement & Boogie Nights

Best British Short 
2011 Chalk
2010 Baby
2009 Love You More
2008 Soft 
2007 Dog Altogether 
2006 Cubs 
2005 Six Shooter 
2004 School of Life 
2003 Dad’s Dead

The Raindance Award
2011 Leaving Baghdad
2010 Son of Babylon
2009 Down Terrace
2008 Zebra Crossings 
2007 The Inheritance 
2006 The Ballad of AJ Weberman 
2005 Evil Aliens 
2004 The Barn

The Variety Award
2011 Kenneth Branagh
2010 Liam Neeson
2009 Sir Michael Caine
2008 Michael Sheen 
2007 Daniel Craig 
2006 Helen Mirren 
2005 Keira Knightley 
2004 JK Rowling
2003 Sir Ian McKellen 
2002 Ewan McGregor 
2001 Richard Curtis

Best Technical Achievement
2012 Joakim Sundström & Stevie Haywood AMPS IPS [BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO]
2011 Maria Djurkovic [Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy]
2010 Gareth Edwards [Monsters]
2009 Greig Fraser [Bright Star]
2008 Sean Bobbitt [Hunger] 
2007 Mark Tildesley [Sunshine] 
2006 Anthony Dod Mantle [The Last King of Scotland] 
2005 Jon Harris [The Descent] 
2004 Mike Eley [Touching the Void] 
2003 Peter Christelis [In This World] 
2002 Alwin Kuchler [Morvern Callar] 
2001 Roman Osin [The Warrior] 
2000 Justine Wright [One Day in September]

Best British Documentary
2011 Senna
2010 Enemies of the People
2009 Mugabe and The White African
2008 Man on Wire 
2007 Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten 
2006 The Road to Guantanamo 
2005 The Liberace of Baghdad 
2004 Touching the Void 
2003 Bodysong

The Richard Harris Award
2011 Ralph Fiennes
2010 Helena Bonham Carter
2009 Daniel Day-Lewis
2008 David Thewlis 
2007 Ray Winstone 
2006 Jim Broadbent 
2005 Tilda Swinton 
2004 Bob Hoskins 
2003 John Hurt
2002 Richard Harris

The Lifetime Achievement Award
2002 George Harrison 
2001 Chris Menges 
2000 Colin Young 
1999 Nicolas Roeg
1998 Ken Loach

Award for Best Ensemble Cast
2003 The Magdalene Sisters

The Special Jury Prize
2011 Graham Easton
2010 Jenne Casarotto
2009 Baz Bamigboye
2008 Joe Dunton 
2007 Andi Engel, Pamela Engel & Robert Beeson 
2006 Ken Loach 
2005 Sandy Lieberson 
2004 Norma Heyman 
2003 Jeremy Thomas 
2002 Brian Tufano 
2001 Bob & Harvey Weinstein 
2000 Mike Figgis 
1999 Simon Perry 
1998 Nik Powell

Best British 15 Second Short
2006 What’s the Point?

Best Music
2001 Dave Pearce [South West 9]

Best Distribution Campaign
2002 Christie Malry’s Own Double Entry

British Airways Bursary
2003 Lenka Clayton

Jury 2012
Alison owen (chair)
nick angel
christine bottomley
john boyega
iain canning
maria djurkovic
michelle eastwood
paul franklin
tristan goligher
tom hiddleston
adrian hodges
jina jay
danny leigh
lesley sharp
jamie thraves

JURY 2011
Andrew Eaton (Chair)
Josh Appignanesi
Gemma Arterton
Lucy Bevan
Edith Bowman
Mike Goodridge
Neil Lamont
Joseph Mawle
Mary McCartney
Molly Nyman
Debs Paterson
Tracey Seaward
Charles Steel
David Thewlis
Ruth Wilson
Justine Wright

Jury 2010
Duncan Kenworthy (Chair)
Mags Arnold
Franny Armstrong
Clare Binns
Finola Dwyer
Matthew Goode
Matt Greenhalgh
Andy Harries
Gemma Jones
David MacKenzie
James Marsh
Hannah McGill
Sean Pertwee
Jamie Sives
Jason Solomons
Gary Williamson

Jury 2009
Dixie Linder (Chair)
Kate Blewett
Peter Buckingham
Eran Creevy
Liam Cunningham
Idris Elba
Sarah Gavron
Eddie Marsan
Robert Mitchell
Nick Moran
Peter Mullan
Anita Overland
Kave Quinn
Paul Speed
Adrian Sturges
Jodie Whittaker

Jury 2008
Simon Relph (Chair)
Paul Andrew Williams
Shaheen Baig 
Victoria Belfrage 
Eva Birthistle 
Gina Carter 
Anne-Marie Duff 
David Lawson 
Xavier Marchand 
Abi Morgan 
Col Needham 
Christopher Simpson 
Mark Strong 
Cat Villiers 
Joe Wright

Jury 2007
Simon Channing Williams (Chair)
Hayley Atwell 
Kathy Burke 
Will Clarke 
Tony Curran 
Chiwetel Ejiofor 
Annie Griffin 
Sandra Hebron 
Mark Herbert 
Menhaj Huda 
Matthew Macfadyen 
Neil Marshall 
Archie Panjabi 
Roger Pratt
Nitin Sawhney 
Peter Webber

Jury 2006
Sandy Lieberson (Chair)
Reuben Barnes 
Martin Childs 
Anne V Coates 
Alan Cumming 
Leo Davis
Anna Friel 
Jason Isaacs 
Mick Jones 
Damian Lewis 
Helen McCrory 
Damien O’Donnell 
Kelly Reilly
Colin Salmon 
Martin Sherman

Jury 2005
Michael Kuhn (Chair) 
Mick Audsley 
Bryce Dallas Howard 
Amanda Donohoe 
Mikael Hafstrom 
Hugh Hudson 
Tom Hunsinger 
Beeban Kidron 
Sue Latimer 
Uberto Pasolini 
Anne Reid 
Ashley Walters

Jury 2004
Anthony Minghella CBE (Chair)
John Akomfrah 
David Aukin 
Antonia Bird
Cate Blanchett 
Mark Cousins 
Rosamund Pike 
Lynne Ramsay 
Christian Slater 
Sam Taylor-Wood 
Stewart Till

Jury 2003
Daniel Battsek (Chair) 
Lindy Hemming 
Tom Hollander 
Lindy King 
Kevin Macdonald
Parminder Nagra 
Bill Nighy 
Roman Osin 
Tracey Scoffield 
Meera Syal
Colin Vaines 
Peter Watson

Jury 2002
Kate Ashfield 
Jenne Casarotto 
Stuart Craig 
Richard Gladstein 
Robert Jones
Asif Kapadia 
Hamish McAlpine 
Trudie Styler

Jury 2001
Adrian Lester 
Christopher Fowler 
Stephen Frears
Pawel Pawlikowski 
Paul Trijbits 
Parminder Vir 
Stephen Woolley 

Jury 2000
Michele Camarda 
Duncan Heath 
Richard Holmes 
Ayub Khan Din 
Declan Lowney 
Fiona Mitchell 
Samantha Morton 
Andy Paterson 
Rupert Preston

Jury 1999
Hossein Amini 
Chris Auty 
Pippa Cross 
Sadie Frost 
Norma Heyman 
Richard Jobson 
Sarah Radclyffe 
Daniel Weinzweig 
Michiyo Yoshizaki

Jury 1998
Bobby Allen 
Tim Bevan 
Grace Carley 
Lora Fox Gamble 
Kirk Jones
Steve Kenis 
Kay Mellor 
Martin Myers 
Wendy Palmer 
Mark Shivas 
Paul Webster

Mike Figgis 
Tom Hollander 
Adrian Lester 
Ken Loach 
Helen Mirren 
Ewan McGregor 
Samantha Morton
James Nesbitt 
Michael Sheen 
Trudie Styler 
Tilda Swinton 
Meera Syal 
David Thewlis 
Ray Winstone 
Michael Winterbottom

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