Voting Policy

All eligible films submitted for consideration are viewed by BIFA Film Selection Members which is made up of The BIFA Advisory Committee and a nominated screening panel.  This group of over 70 people from within the Industry view an estimated 200 films each year. Meetings are held throughout the year with the Advisory Committee to discuss films and their eligibility and Sub-committees also meet to discuss films by individual category.  Members vote at each stage by secret ballot firstly to draw up a long list then again to determine the nominations. Members do not vote in any category where they have not seen the majority films listed.  Once the ballots have been counted and validated, the nominees are informed and the nominations are then announced at a press launch.


All nominated films are then viewed by an independent jury that are newly appointed each year and not involved in the nominations process. The Jury members meet and discuss all the nominated films and the winners are decided by secret ballot. A Jury member can only vote in a category where they have seen all of the nominated films. Once the ballots have been counted and validated, the winners are announced during the evening of the Awards Ceremony.




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